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Interenational Federation of Cynology
Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology
Shar-pei kennels:
Hungary - Qi Ming Xing
Hungary - Elite Blue Bluxus
Hungary - Shira Victory
Austria - Yijing`s Shar-Pei
Serbia - Gold Panonia
Serbia - Sirius Pei
Serbia - Wings of Campus
Romania - Shar Pei Club
Romania - Altamira
Romania - Blueline Hunter
Italy - Khambaliq
Greece - Precious Hug
France - Shar-Pei Club
France - Des Chandagueres
France - The Crazy Monkey
Czech Republic - Orikou
Kennels for other breeds:
Style Bullet- English Bulldog
Diamanti Neri Fiona's - Cane Corso
JulyVell Syberian Huskies
Just Radiant Poodles
Noelany Labradors
Other websites:
Animal Rescue Sofia
Eukanuba Bulgaria
PARK 4 Pets
Shar-Pei Rescue UK
Vancouver Shar-Pei Rescue
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